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The Federation of MSME Vendors of Defence and Aerospace (FMVODA )  is a federation of MSME Vendors of Defence and Aerospace. It is an aggregation of Vendors who are primarily engaged in manufacturing and supplying of defence related items to Ordnance Factories. The objective of the Federation is to create an enabling environment so as to have a cohesive and well integrated system of Govt agencies, and vendors. To explore & provide useful information to member vendors on national & international business opportunities. The  Federation is expected to achieve this objectives by:

  • Establishing a clear line of communication between different stake holders such as Govt. Organizations and Vendors.
  • To let the Govt. officials know the policy gaps and to ensure they are filled up on time by doing consistent follow-up at appropriate levels.
  • To ensure policies are not only understood clearly but also implemented unambiguously.
  • To work in the direction of building up capacity at the level of Defense Vendors. To apprise member vendors about the enabling eco system being provided by the macro  economic environment as well as by Govt such as make in India, SPARK and iDex.

Towards the pursuit of achievement of these objectives the Federation has been invited several times by the Indias top Government  authorities such as Master General of Ordnance (MGO- who is responsible for all defence related procurement at National level), Secretary Defence Production, Secretary MSME Industries.

The Federation is also member of committee for monitoring and Review of Public Procurement Policy for Defence Suply, Ministry of MSME, Govt of India.